Serves 4-6 


400ml/14fl oz sushi rice 
450ml/16fl oz water 
6 tbsp rice wine vinegar 
2 tbsp sugar 
2 tsp salt 
a pack of nori seaweed sheets, cut in half 
pickled ginger 
soy sauce 
For the fillings: 
spring onions 
enoki mushrooms 
raw salmon 
raw tuna 


1- Wash the rice well and drain. Cover with the 
measured water and bring to a simmer. Cover and 
cook for 12 mins then leave to sit for 5 minutes with 
the lid on. 

2- Meanwhile, heat the vinegar, sugar and salt until 
dissolved then leave to cool. Turn the cooked rice out 
onto a flat tray to cool. When cool, place in a bowl, 
stir in the vinegar solution and mix with a wooden 

3- Lay half a sheet of nori seaweed onto a rolling mat. 
Dip your hand in cold water and quickly place a 
handful of rice in a line along the seaweed. Flatten out 
with your fingertips using the water to stop any 

4- The key is to do this quickly. The rice should cover 
half the width of the sheet so now you can place your 
combo of filling in the middle of the rice. Use the mat 
to roll up the sushi roll, pinch and squeeze the mat to 
shape it into a round cigar shape. Practice makes 

5- Slice into inch-thick rolls with a sharp knife, turn 
onto their sides so the rice is facing upwards, and 
serve with the pickled ginger and wasabi mixed with 
soy sauce. 

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